Four AI-powered "experts" answering questions and providing workflows

GPTeam Github Repo

ContextBlocker Demo / Youtube Video

I attempted to make a collaborative AI system called GPTeam, which consists of multiple AI agents (engineers, designers, marketers, etc.) working together under the guidance of a CEO/Product Manager AI.

The system leverages and was inspired by Auto-GPT, an autonomous AI agent framework, along with Langchain for text generation and Chroma for efficient vector storage and retrieval of relevant knowledge.

This was made before another project with the same name was launched lol.

I will say that I didn't flesh out the details enough.

Lessons Learned:

  • AI Agents are not autonomous yet (2023).
  • Coordination involves a lot more than just connecting a few APIs and doing some prompt engineering. It requires a deep understanding of the human intentions, the tasks, and the context.