The World's First AI-Powered Distraction Blocker

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A distraction blocker designed to enhance focus and productivity by tailoring restrictions based on custom instructions rather than just blocking predetermined websites.

Users specify their focus goals and distractions they wish to avoid. The software then operates within set parameters, including a non-cancellable timer, to enforce these preferences.

It intelligently warns users when they spend too much time on unrelated websites, progressively blocking access to specific pages if the user persists alongside detailed feedback and resources.

Additionally, it suggests alternative, goal-aligned content and provides additional feedback while being aligned with your research.

You can also easily access your browsing history.

This smart approach ensures that users remain aligned with their objectives, making productivity more achievable and measurable.

A little buggy, but it's a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their productivity and focus. I scratched my itch and I'm glad there's at least a solution.

Lesson Learned:

  • Learned how chrome extensions work (not a great experience..)
  • Was able to cut costs down 50x just by switching LLMs
  • Again, you should have more feedback loops, redesigning and building from scratch is not the move...