AP Enterprises LLC

$10,000 MRR in 2 months

Throughout high school and college, I would always try to start a new side hustle during the summer.

When I turned 18, I decided I would cold-call 300+ local US business owners and US-based manufacturers

Along the way I established more than 56 contracts and partnerships with wholesale and retail businesses, significantly increasing their online traffic over time.

I get trauma from the days I would jump out of the pool in the middle of teaching swim lessons to pick up sales calls... good times.

Revenue was high, profit margins were low, and this taught me a lot of lessons the hard way.

Some highlights from the project:

  • Contacted over 300 United States corporations and secured 40 partnerships
  • Managed an employee to oversee the company’s website
  • Generated over $10,000 MRR

Lessons learned:

  • Do not delegate if it's not necessary
  • Look at the numbers (but don't get too invested in them)
  • Customer service is a major component in good user experience (you wouldn't want to have people scream at you through the phone... Trust me, it's not fun)